SUMMER 2018 



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SUMMER 2018 Camp


Lonestar Collective Dance is a dance family that is committed to quality technique in a fun, safe environment that supports individual creativity. We are passionate about conveying our love of dance to our students while inspiring them to think outside the box and challenge themselves. We care about the individual development of each of our students in both their studio life and the real world.  We love to watch them be challenged and reach their goals! We embrace the creative and uniqueness of every dancer in our dance family. We stand for quality and age appropriateness in all our classes and choreography as well as prioritize the individual needs of our dancers. 


This is a no judgement, no gossip zone, that is safe for learning and exploring. We value the family connection that we make with each student that walks in our door and we are proud to have you here!


We can’t wait to watch your dancer grow and improve in our happy dance world!


Love & Dance,

Mary Rae & Michelle